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Since 1994 SysTec has been developing and producing W&M approved industrial weighing terminals, weight indicators and controllers for scales and systems.

More than 150,000 installations are successfully in use worldwide. The innovative SysTec weighing systems work reliably in numerous applications: These include filling systems for liquids and bulk materials, shipping / receiving scales, beltweighers, vehicle scales, checkweighers, piece counting scales, mobile weighing systems and all kinds of customer-specific applications. The large variety of interfaces of the SysTec weighing terminals provides excellent connectivity to field-busses and PC networks.

In addition to standard products, SysTec also offers customer-specific system solutions and custom-made hardware and software. Comprehensive technical advice completes the range of services.

The production and development site for SysTec weighing terminals and software solutions is Germany (ISO 9001:2015 certified just-in-time production).

Distribution and service is maintained through a world-wide network of qualified scale manufacturers and system integrators. The company is located in Bergheim-Glessen, near Cologne. The production of the weighing terminals, weight indicators and software is subject to international OIML standards.

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