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Invite your relations

Our invitation services, for the free invitation of your (potential) relations, is included to your participation in Solids Rotterdam. We offer this service to support you in attracting high-quality visitors to the exhibition who directly contribute to your business.

Participation in this service is easy. You upload your relation list in our secure environment and then we provide a professional and personal invitation with your company name on it.

When you participate in Solids you will receive information from us about the invitation service by e-mail.

The most important benefits for you at a glance!

Personal invitation with company name

You will save the time, layout and printing costs that you would normally spend on your invitations! We mention your company name in the invitations to your relations.

High attention value

Your (potential) customers attach great importance to the personal invitation. We will state your company name in the invitation card. This makes it clear to your customer that you invite him / her personally.

Completely unburdened and GDPR proof

We are happy to make things as esy and convenient as possible for you. Sharing your relationship lists for the invitation service is safe and GDPR-proof! In the secured environment of My Easyfairs you can upload your relationship lists with only one click of a button. This service saves you time and allows you to optimally prepare your participation in the exhibition.

Access to registered contacts

In your My Easyfairs profile you can see which (potential) relations have already registered via your personal invitation. For example, you can make an appointment in advance!


Easyfairs attaches great importance to the privacy of you and your (potential) relations. Sharing your relationship lists for the invitation service is safe and GDPR-proof! We are happy to give you insight into how we handle the personal data that you provide to us in these relationship lists.

Data from potential visitors is indispensable for the success of Solids and it is also one of the most valuable assets of you as an exhibitor. That is why we deal with this carefully and fully in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

In this invitation cooperation you give us permission to send a one-off physical invitation to the postal address of your relation. Of course we have our processing agreement and our procedures in order and they comply with the GDPR legislation. It is completely safe to have your relationship lists used by us once for inviting your existing and intended relationships.

For you at a glance: