EasyGo - Solids Rotterdam

EasyGo is a full service package for exhibitors. The service package offers new features based on the newest digital marketing technology.

Boost your accessibility, visibility and ROI

GoVisibility is the entry-level category with which you increase the online visibility of your organization on the event website. 

GoLeads offers additional features to maximise lead generation and deepen customer relationships while participating in the event.

GoPlus profit from all the functions of GoVisibility and GoLeads and enhance online visibility with your logo on the exhibitor list.  

GoPremium is the most exclusive service package and only available for a limited number of exhibitors. Part of this package is the display of your logo in the visitor registration portal and maximise your visibility at the event. 

Select your EasyGo package

EasyGo is part of the standard Solids offer. You make a choice from the four EasyGo packages that matches your pre-made exhibition objectives.

Are you interested in the EasyGo Premium package? Please contact Marita marcelis. She will discuss the content of this package and tailor it to your wishes in consultation.

The main functions of EasyGo

Smart Badge technology for exhibitors

Smart Badge technology for visitors

Real-time notifications by SMS *

* Not included in the GoVisibility package