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New smart IT9 weighing terminal with touchscreen


New smart IT9 weighing terminal with touchscreen

Numerous weighing tasks can be solved with just one device: The IT9 is both a weighing indicator with weight display and a powerful control unit for real-time processes – combined with control tasks, database processing or multiplexer functions, depending on the application. In addition, the free programmability of the device enables a wide range of weighing applications.

The IT9 has ten internal slots and allows the configuration of a wide variety of weighing instrument designs. All the plug-in modules used for connecting industrial scales, serial, digital, analog, USB, network and fieldbus interfaces have been newly developed. The “Plug & Play” slots enable fast configuration. The operating system automatically recognizes which card is plugged into which slot based on a coding of the plug-in card.

By means of an app for Android and iOS devices, users and service technicians can easily remotely control and maintain scales and systems that are located far away.