NEW: Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics – Solids Rotterdam
NEW: Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics
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NEW: Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics

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Case study:
Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics
At the Hilti site in Kaufering, Germany, SysTec‘s partner KESTERMANN GmbH recently installed a fully automated filling system for the W&M approved filling of buckets with robot handling. A fire protection paste is filled into containers of different sizes – quickly, precisely and efficiently. SysTec’s powerful IT8000E weighing terminals in combination with the FILL E application software ensure a high throughput.

The key facts
• Automatic weighing instrument (AWI) for filling of buckets
• W&M approved filling of liquids
• Robust weighing electronics
• PROFINET connection
• Fast filling of containers with different sizes (5, 10, 15 and 20 liters)

The process
A multi-stage and fully automated process takes place during the filling of the buckets: First, the product code is scanned by a supervisor. The filling parameters are stored in the IT8000E weighing terminal and the automated filling process can start:

At the first station, a robot takes over the destacking of the buckets. They are then transported on a conveyor belt to the weighing station, where a filling system fills the buckets. Here, the SysTec weighing electronics ensure precise and fast filling of the fire protection paste into the containers. In the next step, a foil is applied to the bucket. Then a robot places the bucket lid on the filled bucket. At the last station, the lid is pressed firmly onto the bucket by a press-on device and sealed. Among the advantages of the SysTec weighing systems with W&M approval are the PROFINET connection, the robustness of the weighing electronics and the product-specific parameter settings.

Efficient throughput
Buckets of different sizes are filled in the plant: 5, 10, 15 and 20 liters. The throughput differs according to the different sizes of the containers. For example, 280 buckets of 5-liter size can be filled per hour. When the large 20-liter buckets are used, the system handles 220 per hour.

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