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For more than 40 years Kobato B.V. has specialised in the processing of Polyurethane. Thanks to Kobato’s ongoing investment in personnel, expertise and technology, the company has developed into a leading specialist provider of customised wearing solutions.

Kobaflex coatings are applied in our own spray plant, and we also have a castings department producing articles cast from Kobaflow material. Kobato has laboratory facilities for the testing and analysis of different materials and the development of new client-specific systems.

The advanced spray process ensures that the wear layer can be applied evenly and seamlessly. Its characteristics are that it:
* can be applied to intricately shaped components;
* can be applied in various thicknesses;
* ensures a perfect bond to almost all surfaces;
* provides the possibility to apply the wear layer at the customer (on-site).

Kobato is VCA* and ISO 9001:2008 certified.



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