Polyurethane coating – mixing stirrer – Solids Rotterdam

Polyurethane coating – mixing stirrer


Operating description:
The application of a polyurethane coating. The polyurethane in question goes by the name of
Kobaflex V80. Kobaflex V80 is a polyurethane which belongs to the group of elastomers.
This means that the material retains its flexibility and is able to withstand abrasion caused by
friction. It also possesses a high degree of elasticity. Kobaflex V80 exhibits a hardness of
80° Shore A.
Kobaflex is applied by means of a spray application which ensures a smooth and even
coating. The parts must first be sandblasted (sandblasting standard: SA 2½, Coarseness: Rz
> 60μm, Ra > 10μm) after which a special primer is applied. The primer helps prevent
corrosion and remains stable up to 65°C in wet conditions and up to 80°C in dry conditions.