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At fortop we have a natural drive to make things better. We want to see all components that are critical to business processes working optimally. We look along, think along and provide solid solutions with our partners – even if they do not yet exist.

fortop not only ensures that everything works out; we ensure that it functions optimally.

Our brands on the Solids:

Steute has been making a valuable contribution to the developments of mechanical engineering and industry for more than 50 years and strives to provide solutions with the highest quality, reliability and performance. They do this by developing innovative products and technologies that solve existing problems and are future-proof. This often happens in consultation with the customer.

Assortment of steutes
Steute develops and produces pull cord switches, position switches, safety interlocks and foot switches for industrial automation and intuitive control systems for the medical industry.

Steute products offer the solution in applications where others drop out. Whether the application is extremely wet, extremely cold, explosive or a combination of these factors; Steute has the solution. And if the existing solution is not sufficient, a custom-made product is an option.

Since its founding in 1965, Rechner Sensors has held a leading position in the field of sensor technology and has since been producing and developing capacitive and inductive sensors for demanding industrial applications. This is especially true in the field of capacitive sensors for level control or position control. Many consider the name Rechner to be synonymous with a capacitive sensor.

Practical solutions
By combining extensive product development with advanced sensor technologies, Rechner solves practical industrial problems that had no previous practical solution.

Due to rapid developments in the market and specific customer requests, the range continues to grow. The range has more than 3000 models, with a wide range of different sizes and process connections.



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