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Bulk Material Handling
Hygroscopic products attract and retain moisture. From transporting of these materials to finished production and all stops in-between, any moisture problems can become costly.

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity
Virtually every substance or compound has some affinity to absorb moisture from humid air and release moisture when the surrounding air is dry. In the case of hygroscopic ingredients, their affinity to absorb moisture from the air is particularly sensitive. This absorption of moisture causes many hygroscopic ingredients to stick and clump together. Once these products become sticky, they build-up inside railcars, silos, conveying lines and mixing machines. Build-ups cause product damage, blockages and disruptions in product flow, and further slows down processes in production, creating waste, sanitation and food safety problems, and overall causing costly downtime.

Munters Solution
Munters dehumidification systems for bulk storage and handling are widely used to prevent condensation and other moisture related issues in all bulk handling and storage processes. By providing conditioned air with silo and bulk handling dehumidifiers at the correct humidity and temperature levels for the specific product, silos, conveyors and mixing equipment operate more efficiently, reducing the cost and time required for cleaning.

Advantages with Munters
Ensures quality of product
Improves product flow
Reduces product waste
Prevents ingredient lumping and build-up
Reduces production stops for cleaning
Decreases drying time after sanitation

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