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Water is the basis of life. It is essential for nature, people, food production and economic development. The availability of sufficient clean water has become a societal issue worldwide. In our water-wise world research programme, we work on the optimal organisation and management of the water cycle, with a circular economy as a key driver and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in mind. Research at KWR is guided by our scientific vision, which is embodied in five research programmes.

KWR generates knowledge to enable the water sector to operate water-wisely in our urbanised society. At KWR, we have a sense of professional and social responsibility for water quality. Our scientific findings and the resulting practical innovations contribute worldwide to sustainable water provision in the urban water cycle.

‘Bridging Science to Practice’ is KWR’s motto. Our researchers work at the interface of science, business and society. Their strength lies in translating scientific knowledge into applicable, practical solutions for end-users in the Dutch and international water sector. We have built a solid reputation as top-level innovation accelerators and international network builders and increasingly play a coordinating role in national and international collaborations.


Water, energy & circularity researcher

Are you the curious and driven researcher who wants to work with us on the development of chain solutions? And do you get excited about delivering technical-quantitative research within system integration projects? Then we would like to meet you.

You will work on various projects at the intersection of water, energy and circularity. Examples include the role of (drinking) water in energy transition, a circular water chain and integrated system solutions for water and energy supply. The projects cover a broad field, with your emphasis always being on the system perspective, and connecting specialist knowledge from experts inside and outside KWR to arrive at system solutions.

We have included our broad field of work in this vacancy text because systems thinkers sometimes have special combinations of expertise. Not all check-in-the-boxes, but a convincing motivation? Surprise us with your profile.

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Researcher Public Design for Water Transition

Do you want to contribute to social tasks for a sustainable water system in the social environment? Do you enjoy working with other professionals, and would you like to continuously develop yourself as a researcher? Then we would like to meet you.

As a researcher, you will work on knowledge and methods for Public Design to realize the social value of water in sustainability transitions. Your research will focus on design thinking and strategic planning, stakeholder needs and values in environmental management, and policy developments around regional water management and the circular economy. Special attention in your research is given to participatory processes, citizens’ role in spatial planning, and/or customer perspectives and behaviour of water users in transitioning to a more sustainable way of dealing with water.

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