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We believe that every complex manufacturing process deserves tailor-made dust extraction systems.

We distinguish ourselves by offering a different approach of handling dust particles by providing data driven solutions based on Air Technical Modeling, Patented Designs and decades of experience. This way, we are able to assist manufacturers worldwide with:

– Healthy Work Environments
– Explosion Safety and Reduced ATEX Zoning
– Emission Limits & Compliance
– Energy Recovery & Reduction
– Process Improvements: Balanced Systems preventing Over-Extraction or Under-Extraction

Every new system (design) is the result of a thorough process consisting of a site survey, measurement and Air Technical Modeling (with in-house developed software). This results in solutions like:

– Dust Collection Systems
– Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems
– Energy Recovery Scrubbers
– Ultra-Fine Particle Removal
– Deflector Hoods & Bleeds
– Air Flow Measurement Devices
– Dust Filters
– Balancing Restrictors
– Explosion Safety Equipment
– Scrubber Technology

In the end, Operational Costs are reduced, Results become predictable in advance and no more resources are wasted by ineffective standard solutions.



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