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Standard vs. Tailor-made Industrial Filtration Systems
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Standard vs. Tailor-made Industrial Filtration Systems

The industrial air filtration market is significantly large. Every sizable industrial manufacturer has to face the question how to solve dust challenges best.



Dust & Vapor extraction: One of many considerations
Nonetheless, there exists a potential for air filtration to be somewhat overlooked. The chances of this are raised when we factor in manufacturers establishing new operations on greenfield sites.

Put simply, there are so many things for manufacturers to consider in such circumstances, that air filtration may not be top of mind. They are, after all, just one amongst many things that need to be factored in.

Standard industrial air solutions – how quick & dirty are they?

Faced with such a scenario, it can seem attractive to opt for the fastest, and seemingly cheapest option; the standardized filtration system.

We live in a world that has become convinced of the benefits of standardization. Our furniture frequently comes in flat pack form, our vehicles and household goods roll regularly off production lines, we wear clothes produced by the same brands and eat fast foods prepared to fixed menus.

The benefits of tailored filtration:

To summarize, the benefits of a custom solution are as follows:

– Every site is different
– Less energy is required to operate a system of appropriate dimensions
– Less energy is wasted
– Less downtime = more profitability
– Better working conditions = increased productivity
– Reduced explosion zoning = reduced insurance premiums

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