SYMACH designs, manufactures, and integrates its own weight dosing systems – Solids Rotterdam

SYMACH designs, manufactures, and integrates its own weight dosing systems


SYMACH now offers net weighers that are gravity fed or belt fed. In both options the filler remains the same, only the feeder changes and remains modular, so if for example the customer wishes to switch to more complex products in the future, adaptation is easy.
The packaging recipes entered in the bagger can be synchronised with the entire line, bag filling system, checkweigher, palletiser and especially the net weighing systems; changing a recipe on the bagger will then initiate an automatic changeover of the complete line.
The HMI screen allows the operator to view the target weight, speed, averages and standard deviations directly.
In parallel to this development, SYMACH offers dynamic checkweighers integrating weighing electronics, coupled with a rejection system for ejecting non-compliant bags. Finally, SYMACH now offers a semi-automatic big bag filling solution. The operator hangs the big bag slings on hooks connected to load cells and launches the filling procedure controlled by a helmet dosing machine with different closing stages.
All SYMACH dosing systems are controlled by a console close to the bagging machine and display real time weighing, averages and standard deviations, all of which can be exported. The net weighing systems, checkweighers and big bag weighing systems are optional certifiable by the legal metrology system.