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Clear Grip


An anti-slip-sheet variant features a strip-based coating, making it possible to process anti-slip sheets better automatically. The amount of coating used remains the same, because of which the anti-slip effect achieved is the same too. The other variant features a polyester sheet instead of a paper one. This PET Gripsheet is watertight and airtight, crack-free, transparent, washable and, in respect to the photo paper variant, many times lighter.
Tallpack International specialises in securing loads. Armed with the unique anti-slip materials developed by Tallpack International, the financial losses and dissatisfied customers that ensue when loads are damaged become a thing of the past. Sales representatives from Tallpack International are always pleased to advise customers on the best products for their needs and to work with them to test the best solutions for the product in question.
In the food sector it is particularly desirable that products can cool, dry or degas on the pallet. Perforated foil has been available for this purpose for a while. Tallpack International has now developed a module for rotary table wrappers where foil is cut on the foil carriage. The same result can be achieved as well as costs being saved.
The right combination of foil and application yields a result that makes it possible to save both time and the packaging costs incurred. Tallpack International would be only too pleased to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your options, which could also be demonstrated at its showroom in Geldermalsen. If required, a Tallwrapper can be installed on a trial basis.