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5 Benefits of Centralized Vacuum Supply

5 Benefits of Centralized Vacuum Supply

High uptime, lower operating costs and easy maintenance? A central vacuum systems has many benefits, which we have summed up here.



Benefit 1: High uptime
Central vacuum systems feature a stand-by vacuum module, which starts up automatically if one of the vacuum pumps fails.

Benefit 2: Easy maintenance
Any maintenance work on the individual vacuum modules in a central vacuum supply can be performed while the system is running without any restrictions. Easy accessibility to the individual vacuum pumps is guaranteed. Maintenance staff does not even need to enter the production or packaging areas.

Benefit 3: Energy saving
Central vacuum systems generally need fewer vacuum pumps than a decentralized vacuum supply connected directly to the individual packaging machines. This results in a corresponding reduction in energy consumption.

Benefit 4: Demand-driven operation
Generally, not all packaging machines require the maximum possible vacuum performance at the same time. Packaging machines with their own vacuum pump are always operating at full power, which is why they consume a lot of energy. Central vacuum systems are controlled on a demand-driven basis. This means that switching individual vacuum modules on and off enables the vacuum system’s performance to be adapted to overall demand. The use of variable speed drives allows for even finer-tuned performance adjustment. As
such, the system only generates as much vacuum as needed at that point in time. In practice, this results in even greater energy-saving potential.

Benefit 5: Lower operating costs
Reducing the number of vacuum pumps, using demand-driven control and reducing the air conditioning enables a significant amount of energy costs to be saved. Further energy-saving potential results from easier and, as a result, faster maintenance work. This can be carried out during normal working time, eliminating additional costs for weekend work. Heat recovery helps to save additional costs.

Apart from these benefits, more advantages can be named. Are you interested to find out more? Come meet us at our booth!

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