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Schrage Tube Chain Conveyors are mechanical conveyor systems used for conveying bulk solids. In contrast to conventional materials handling equipment, the chain conveyors make it possible to convey bulk solids horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or with a combination of any of these three possibilities. Thus Tube Chain Conveyors can smoothly be integrated into nearly any space. Indeed, their three-dimensional design makes it possible to adapt them to almost any set of operational conditions.
Five different model sizes make it possible to convey bulk solids with a grain size of up to 100 mm, bulk densities of over 7 t/m³, and throughputs of up to 80 m³/h.
Under normal conditions, a tube conveyor’s length is limited to 60 m (horizontally) or 40 m (vertically).
Advantages of Tube Chain Conveyors in comparison to conventional material handling equipment:
• Flexible line layout (three-dimensional)
• Dust-proof, gas-tight, and pressure-tight conveyance
• Conveyance of highly abrasive, toxic, explosive, adhesive, and chemically aggressive materials
• Can be made food-safe
• All designs can be made to conform to ATEX
• Low maintenance requirements, a long service life, and low wear due to low chain speeds
• They require little space
• Negligible destruction of grains and friable materials, gentle conveyance
• Forced discharge possible with adhesive materials as well
• High level of self-cleaning (no dead zones)
• Homogenous silo filling (no segregation)
• Can be restarted while full
• High degree of efficiency in discarding residues, making it possible to change the materials being conveyed
Schrage Conveying Systems is your specialist for Tube Chain Conveyors – worldwide. And for more than two decades they have been planning and implementing conveyor systems for various bulk solids and many industries. Contact them for a test run with your product in Friedeburg (Germany)

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