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R5 PLUS – Proven Rotary Vane Technology for Industry 4.0
The fully connected Busch R5 PLUS series vacuum pump brings the proven Busch rotary vane vacuum technology to the next level. With advanced control and monitoring functionalities, our R5 RA 0840 A PLUS is ready for Industry 4.0.

+ Operating data and the condition of the components are recorded permanently
+ Data can be accessed directly on the built-in display or transferred via a Modbus TCP/IP client/server protocol
+ Intuitive menu structure on the large high-definition color display
+ Remote control of the vacuum pump possible
+ Large pumping speed range thanks to a variable speed drive

Operating Modes
Users can choose between constant speed mode or pressure control mode, making the vacuum pump exceptionally energy-efficient.

Constant speed mode:
For processes with constant vacuum demand, it is recommended to leave the R5 PLUS running at constant speed.

Pressure control mode:
For processes with changing vacuum demand over time, the pressure control mode is the ideal choice. In this case the R5 PLUS adjusts the rotational speed according to the required vacuum level. Once this vacuum level has been achieved, the R5 PLUS continues to run at a minimum speed, enabling it to respond to a sudden need for increased vacuum demand and leading to further energy savings.

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