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ProClean Conveyor PCC 300


ProClean Conveyor PCC 300

With the new development of the ProClean Conveyor, we have succeeded in presenting our own vacuum conveyor.
In particular in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry, the ProClean Conveyor can prove its superiority in the safe and gentle conveyance of powders and granules.
The heart of the ProClean Conveyor is its filter head. There, the innovative and powerful ring filter system is located. It is available in different versions, features a big filter surface, is easily cleanable, long-lived, robust and enables fast dilute phase as well as safe and gentle plug conveying.
The cover of the filter head is free of connections. Thus it can be opened quickly and the filter can be replaced easily and without much effort. The optional installation of a sight glass or a level indicator permits the system to be checked easily without having to open the cover.