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Online calculation program Stuvent

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Free online calculator to determine an explosion relief area according the latest version of the EN14491 is a practical tool to calculate the explosion relief area for silos, filters and cyclones in various shapes and sizes.
Without any obligation this program can easily and quickly calculate an explosion relief area, also effects of various scenarios can be calculated (eg what are the effects on the explosion relief area with a stronger or weaker construction).
The effects of a possible vent duct can be taken into account in the calculation as well as the possible omission of the volume between the filter elements.
Also the axial or radial filling of silos is included in the program.
The user can easily create a pdf of his or her calculation for personal use. Calculations can be saved so changes and recalculations can be made quickly and easily online.
Using the online program is free, after registration automatically a password will be sent and you are ready to start making calculations.

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