New Lessine IBC blender – Type MIBC – Solids Rotterdam

New Lessine IBC blender – Type MIBC

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This mixer is perfect for dry mixing requiring the management of cross-contaminations.
It is optimized for food industry, fine chemicals and pharma. It is fully electric and pneumatic.
Different versions are available for all types and volumes of tank and volumes from 0.5 to 2.5m³.
It is also optimized for an easy placement and removal of IBCs thanks to its guides and material leveling program at the end of the mixing cycle.
Different security systems for the tank drain valve closure are available.
The equipment is controlled by PLC to simplify use for operators.
This solution, born after more than 1 year development, is the first equipement installed at a customer premisses in Belgium where it has been running for several months.
Lessine has been the support of your projects of grinding, drying, mixing, separation and handling for more than 130 years.

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