Inspectie en onderhoud van onstoffinginstallaties met eigen app. – Solids Rotterdam
Transtech onstoffingstechniek

Inspectie en onderhoud van onstoffinginstallaties met eigen app.

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The inspection app
To carry out inspections correctly and efficiently, Transtech developed an inspection app in-house.

A good inspection report is a digital checklist that guides technicians step-by-step through the entire inspection process. At each inspection point they fill in their findings, which can consist of an approval, a measured value, a photo or a piece of text. As a result, they literally cannot forget anything. Based on these inspections, a report is generated that also indicates which maintenance and repair work is required.

When the required maintenance has been carried out, a new report is made which shows that the installation is in maximum good condition again. These are important reports because they provide a conclusive ‘burden of proof’ about the functioning of the installation and whether the relevant emission standards are being met.”

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