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GENIUS – Vacuum Pump Remote Connectivity & Monitoring

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GENIUS – Intelligence working for you!

Vacuum pumps are of vital importance in industrial production. They need to be in top running condition to ensure efficiency, optimum output and a healthy bottom line. But what’s the best way to manage them? That’s where GENIUS Instant Insights comes in: a remote monitoring device that transmits pump data such as uptime, energy consumption and others. These data can be viewed live 24/7 and based on anomalies and historical trends you can identify potential problems before they occur.

While GENIUS helps you to avoid the risk of failures, enabling you to stay ahead of events with hardly any effort at all, it also gives you important insights into the pumps’ operation such as the overall status of your pumps (running hours, temperature & service status), availability, uptime, energy consumption and CO2 insights.

Through the online GENIUS portal, you can access your pumps from anywhere at any time. All your pump information is stored safely in the GENIUS Instant Insights™ cloud. In this way, you hit two birds with one stone: you get a lot of real time information on your pump operation and you reduce the risk of any downtime because GENIUS will inform you of any alarms immediately and remind you when service is due. This way, you can preclude possible failure and make back-up plans while continuing to benefit from uninterrupted production.

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