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FTMg: Flow sensor with energy measurement

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The FTMg energy consumption flow meter measures gas flow and temperature as well as the process pressure, making it a cost-saving multi-talent. With high measurement dynamics and low pressure loss, it measures non-corrosive gases with extreme efficiency. The contrast-rich color display enables easy operation of the FTMg and allows for representation of several measured values as a process diagram. Internal data logging over seven days and integrated static evaluation help detect even the smallest leaks in a pneumatic system. PoE also enables simple web-based connection to a PC or a cloud to make energy consumption more transparent. All measurement data can be transmitted via IO-Link or with switching and analog signals.

At a glance:

– Measures compressed air and non-corrosive gases such as argon, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen
– Calorimetric measurement principle with a measurement accuracy of ± 3% M.V. and ± 0.3% M.E.V.
– Measurement of gas flow and temperature as well as process pressure and energy consumption with only one sensor
– Low pressure loss
– High measurement dynamics for cylinder and leakage monitoring

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