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October 1st & 2nd 2025 –  Rotterdam Ahoy

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Flame Catcher – Flameless Explosion Venting

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In case of an explosion, the Flame Catcher prevents flames from propagating beyond the Flame Catcher. On the inside, the Flame Catcher contains many layers of metallic mesh which forms the flame arrestor element. This flame arrestor will reduce the temperature of the incandescent dust and gas below their ignition temperature. Incandescent dust is retained within the arrestor element and gases from the explosion are vented through the device into the external atmosphere around the Flame Catcher.
Flame Catcher™ is typically used to protect dryers, mills, filters, cyclones, etc.

Flame Catcher™ features
− Complies with EN 16009:2011
− Casing available in carbon or stainless steel or aluminium
− Easy to install
− Virtually maintenance free
− Flame arrestor mesh available in packs for easy replacement
− Pred,max 0,5 barg
− Pmax 10 bar
− Operating temperature range -20 to 70°C

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