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Dino bulk truck loaders

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The Dino models form the basis of our unique product range in bulk truck loaders. With additional modules such as dust extraction, crushers and other accessories, we can tailor these basic types to your specific product and loading requirements. There is a suitable loading machine to meet your needs.

A bulk truck loader is a loading machine that allows automatic, dust-free packaging of products in 25kg bags, big bags and even loose bulk goods into silo trucks, rail wagons and even cargo ships.

Do you want to load bulk goods packed in big bags? Or loose bulk goods that are loaded with a shovel? The Dino bulk truck loader can handle both, at a basic capacity of 45m³ per hour and a maximum capacity of 90m³ per hour. This means that, on average, you can fill a silo truck or container in 45 to 60 minutes. Even if these are products that have poor flow properties. Because the mobile bulk truck loader is easy to move, loading in different locations is no problem.

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