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Central Vacuum Systems

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Depending on the application, energy savings of up to 70 % can be achieved with a central vacuum system. And this is not the only benefit.

Selecting the right vacuum supply in vacuum processes has a significant influence on the operational safety and the economic efficiency of the whole process. In a plant which uses multiple machines that require vacuum, it may be worth considering a centralization of the vacuum supply.

Busch is the leading provider of customized vacuum and overpressure systems. We have more than 50 years of experience in designing and building tailor-made systems for all industries.

Significant savings
– Demand-driven control
– Easier and faster maintenance during normal working hours
– Heat recovery (50-70 % of energy consumption)
– Reduced demand for air conditioning (if applicable)

Increased productivity
– Lower required pumping speed, resulting in a reduced number of vacuum pumps
– High uptime and reliability because of stand-by vacuum modules
– Long lifetime thanks to evenly distributed workload
– Higher flexibility due to on-demand vacuum, expansion of system often possible

Improved working environment
– Set up in special equipment rooms, separate from production areas
– No noise emissions in production area
– Lowest heat emissions in production area
– Clean working environment in production area (e.g. no contact with hygienically sensitive zones during maintenance work)

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