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AUTO-LINE® Hygienic self-cleaning liquid filter (INNOVATION)

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When it comes to food production, there is an ever increasing demand for hygienic solutions from the industry. At HiFlux Filtration A/S we designed the first Auto-line® Hygienic self-cleaning liquid filter around the year 2000, and it is today the renowned standard liquid filter solutions in many food processing industries. It is widely used in industries such as dairy, cheese, chocolate, honey, beer, sugar, starch, etc.

New innovations concern the applications of the Auto-line Hygienic self-cleaning liquid filter for the melt cheese industry and the egg processing industry. Through close collaboration between the customer and HiFlux Filtration A/S, new versions of the Auto-line self-cleaning liquid filters have been developed. As a result, the processes have been improved, cost savings established and the chance of recalls are reduced to the lowest level possible.

The HiFlux Auto-line® Hygienic Filter is designed with respect to the hygienic design recommendations by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG), ensuring a hygienic (sanitary) filter design which prevents bacteria build-up and is easy to clean.
It complies to the regulations EC1935/2004 and EU 10/2011, as well as FDA standards for polymers and elastomers with food contact, registered by the Danish Food Administration.

The design is CIP-friendly with no crevices and dead space, ensuring that the filter is easily cleaned between batches. The result is reliable food safety while avoiding manual cleaning and reducing labor costs. All food contact surfaces are polished to max. Ra 0.8 as standard (finer available if required), providing superior finish.

The HiFlux Auto-line® Hygienic Filter is designed as a compact self-cleaning liquid filter. Its robust construction makes it suitable for process conditions where reliability and continuous operation are essential. The closed system prevents ingress of any foreign particles, safeguarding product quality.

The area of application is broad and includes the filtration of many different types of liquid, such as whey, brine, melted cheese, condensate water, sugar juice, chocolate and chocolate rework, where effective pre- or final filtration in the 30-2000 micron range is required.

The filter is available with a linear or a rotating cleaning principle. Selection of the linear or rotating cleaning principle depends on several factors like product type, flow, viscosity, temperature and dirt rate, which will be evaluated closely by our specialists for each specific application.

In applications where the linear cleaning principle is recommended, we apply an extended pneumatic cylinder. The benefit of this design is, that the piston rod doesn’t have contact with the media in the filter housing and then retracts into the pneumatic cylinder. This eliminates any cross contamination and bacteria build-up in the pneumatic cylinder, for maximum food safety.

With the optional heating jacket it is possible to maintain a fixed temperature of the media, ensuring product quality and required process flow during filtration.

The optional sluice purge system featuring 2 drain valves, makes it possible to reduce media loss and to prevent pressure drops in the system. This increases productivity and control of the production process.

As a service to our customers in the food industries, we also offer to install any customer standard valves or pressure transmitters on our filters. This allows for product/brand standardization in a factory, ensuring good serviceability of the process line.

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