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Witzenmann Benelux nv

Witzenmann Benelux nv

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The Witzenmann Group is a global reference for challenging and technical engineering issues relating to vibration decoupling, absorption of expansion, media transport and balancing of assembly inaccuracies in piping systems.

As an experienced development partner, we offer our customers intelligent and superior solutions with our flexible metallic elements. Our corporate mission manifests itself in our company motto “managing flexibility”.

Witzenmann Benelux is your contact person for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg

Like every company within the Witzenmann Group we have the entire product range of the technology leader, Witzenmann GmbH. The product range includes metal hoses designed for a variety of product applications. Ready for use and cut to length with the fitting connections from flange until threaded nipple or welded joint. We also offer expansion joints, metal bellows, spring hangers and pipe supports for a broad range of installation and piping applications. As the specialist for flexible metallic elements, the Witzenmann Group is your contact for damping vibrations and absorbing pipe movements.



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