Moving towards a ‘leak-free’ Twente Canal. Initial testing. – Solids Rotterdam

Moving towards a ‘leak-free’ Twente Canal. Initial testing.


The first tests have been carried out in the branch of the Twente Canal (part of the Slampsweg in Ambt Delden) to make the canal leak-free again.
Through a series of beautiful drone shots it is easy to see the course of the process. The bentonite mixture, which is stored in the adjacent vessel, is placed at the bottom of the channel via a pump and distributor.
Everything is closely monitored and measured by Van Heteren Weg- en Waterbouw in Hengelo and Rijkswaterstaat:
Checking the product before it is pumped, the applied layer thickness and effectiveness based on the groundwater monitoring system.
The bentonite mixture is loaded onto the ship at the ‘De Bree’ work location, where the mixture is also manufactured.
KEMP in Ambt Delden remains directly involved in the process and works closely with Van Heteren Weg en Waterbouw, so that the work at the ‘De Bree’ work location continues to run smoothly.