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Hosokawa processing line for recovered Carbon Black
Hosokawa Micron B.V.

Hosokawa processing line for recovered Carbon Black

Hosokawa Group has developed a new process for the sustainable recovery of Carbon Black from used car tyres.



By performing a number of steps after pyrolysis, the process results in dust-free granular material that can be dosed accurately. It is ready for immediate use in the manufacture of new car tyres or other rubber-based products.
Many recycling companies that handle car tyres are keen to find a way to recover Carbon Black from the rubber. This ‘black gold’ must undergo several processing steps after pyrolysis before it can be used as recovered Carbon Black (rCB). “We’ve developed an efficient and sustainable process for that,” says Marc Jacobs, Team Manager Chemicals at Hosokawa Micron. “Our new processing line makes it easy for recycling companies to recover top-quality Carbon Black from car tyres. Manufacturers of car tyres and other rubber-based products can then immediately use the resulting granules in their production processes.”
Hosokawa Group developed the new, integral process by combining knowledge, experience and equipment from a number of its subsidiaries around the world. “We also worked in close collaboration with a number of partners to ensure that our customers – the recycling companies – can depend on an efficient processing line in which all the machinery and systems are optimally aligned. Moreover, this ‘one-stop shop’ approach means that each customer has a single point of contact.”

rCB finishing
“Thanks to our expertise, we’re able to produce rCB with precisely the properties that car tyre manufacturers are looking for. They require dust-free and free-flowing granular material that is easy to dose,” he adds. In the preparatory process, the used tyres are shredded and ground, and the steel content is reduced as much as possible. The material then undergoes pyrolysis. The oil and gas produced in this process is reused elsewhere, and the remaining material forms the basis for Hosokawa Group’s rCB finishing process. However, the particle structure of the rCB pellets must be altered in order for them to be used successfully.

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