Flyash with dense phase pneumatic transport – Solids Rotterdam

Flyash with dense phase pneumatic transport


Hoogweg bell pepper farms is a modern horticultural company that is developing strongly. The head office is located in the Noordoostpolder. Hoogweg grows bell peppers at five locations: three in Luttelgeest, one in Marknesse and one in Nootdorp. The bell peppers are grown in four different colors: red, yellow, orange and green.

Hoogweg sweet bell pepper farms work sustainably. The energy for the greenhouses is supplied by a large biomass combustion plant. The axis from the furnace is transported with a pneumatic transport system to a silo outside the building. Bulk tankers remove the ashes from this silo.

Jansen & Heuning supplied and installed the transmission vessels and pipework for the pneumatic transport, the silo with steel construction and the loading bellows with complete control.