Duplex scale which is used in factories for weighing solids as well as for weighing liquids. – Solids Rotterdam
Duplexweegschaal welke in fabrieken wordt  toegepast voor het wegen van vaste stoffen alsmede voor het wegen van vloeistoffen.
Servo Berkel Prior

Duplex scale which is used in factories for weighing solids as well as for weighing liquids.

Duplex weigher / flow weigher 300T/h



Our Duplex scales are developed and manufactured according to the applicable Πand GMP
standards and are verifiable according to European standards
! Custom-made Duplex scales are not “specials” for us
Some performance specifications are;
• For weighing liquids such as sugar juice, molasses, chemicals, cocoa butter, oils.
Duplex scale equipped with tanks and butterfly valves
• For weighing solids, such as sugar, granules, grains, potato flour (greasy),
floury products, fish, potatoes, salt, soda, fertilizer, cocoa beans, etc.
Duplex scale equipped with segment valves
• Equipped with the unique Servo Balance hybrid weighing system with 1 (one) load cell or
fully electronic with 3 (three) load cells. The hybrid weighing system guarantees a
high weighing accuracy and insensitivity to external influences (vibrations, etc.)
• Equipped with single or double supply and discharge valves in the supply and weighing bin
• Equipped with a test device for weighing and calibrating the installation
• Fully wired and equipped with air lines and air service unit
• ATEX approved version is also possible
• Versions available in painted steel, stainless steel class 304 or 316 (L)
• Accuracy 2 pro mille (‰) or better and based on an average of 10
successive weighings
• Versions are equipped with a control box with weighing indicator for recording
of the weighed weights in an alibi memory, transmission to a PLC or PC (serial,
Ethernet or Profibus)
• Linkable with printer systems (weighing lists). Data to be printed may include;
alpha-numeric texts (customer/product data), date/time, road sequential number,
subtotals, grand totals, etc.

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