Cost savings through elevator overhaul – Solids Rotterdam
Cost savings through elevator overhaul
Muller Beltex B.V.

Cost savings through elevator overhaul

Spaansen Bouwsystemen in Harlingen has achieved significant cost savings with the complete overhaul of its elevator. Besides a more efficient method of processing, the mechanical systems are now equipped with long lasting, durable components.



Spaansen Bouwsystemen in Harlingen produces precast concrete structures. An essential conveyor in the production process is the belt elevator, which processes raw materials such as sand and gravel to the concrete mix plant. An extensive inspection by the Muller Beltex team revealed that this elevator was not sufficiently reliable. Over time, the abrasive minerals had caused a lot of wear and fouling, which meant that the continuity of providing the plant with raw materials could no longer be guaranteed.

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