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AZO Scale

AZO Scale

A flexible and modular manual weighing system



It is often quite a challenge to automate the entire process. This often involves small batches, low production capacity, frequent product changes and/or products that do not lend themselves well to automation. The AZO Scale offers an interesting solution for this. It is a registration system for manually weighed components, a kind of “electronic work preparation” for the operator. The ideal solution for manual and accurate weighing, to the gram, of pigments, additives and other small components. The AZO Scale is a customised, modular system that allows the operator to weigh small quantities in an ergonomic way, while all operations are checked, recorded and labelled if necessary. It can also be equipped with a barcode reader or RFID so that an operator can identify the component to be weighed correctly. Thus, each processed raw material can be followed during the entire batch process. This guarantees optimal quality assurance.
– Quality assurance
– Simple tracking & tracing
– Electronic work preparation

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