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Ansimag breidt ISO-lijn uit met nieuwe modellen

Ansimag expands ISO line with new models

KI series of magnetic pumps is now called Ansimag ALI



Ansimag has expanded its range of ISO 2858 pumps. The well-known KI series now has eleven models, with capacities up to 140 m³/h, delivery heads up to 90 m, pressures up to 19 bar and temperatures from -30 to 120 ̊C. The KI series has been renamed Ansimag ALI (Aggressive Liquid ISO).

The Ansimag ALI pumps are specially designed for transferring aggressive, corrosive and acidic liquids in chemical processes. They can be used, among other things, for the production of batteries, chlor-alkali, isocyanate, (bio) plastics, polymers and agricultural chemicals and for (waste) water applications.

Ansimag ALI magnetically coupled pumps are designed with safety in mind. They are absolutely leak-proof thanks to their sealless design with only one fully enclosed O-ring. The drive is completely enclosed and never comes into contact with the process fluid. Secondary containment can be used for additional protection. The compact design ensures that the pump does not take up much space. With only nine parts and a pull-out back, the pump is easy to maintain. It is not necessary to disconnect the pump from the pipework for most maintenance.

The pumps are made of ETFE reinforced carbon and have a housing of nodular cast iron. This makes them highly resistant to chemicals, even in heavy-duty applications. The metal parts are powder coated and therefore corrosion resistant.

Existing Ansimag ISO solenoid pumps can be easily replaced with the Ansimag ALI pumps. Thanks to the eleven different sizes, no pipes or base plates need to be replaced. The series complies with ISO 2858 and ISO 15783.

Geveke is Ansimag’s European stockholder and has more than 70 different pumps in stock.

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