VPM-BL – Solids Rotterdam



The VPM-BL is a compact palletizer using sliding plates to accurately position the goods. With this machine various types of goods (boxes, crates, trays, bins, etc.) can easily be palletised starting from very small sizes upwards. The VPM-BL is available at a modest price and provides you with a simple and complete palletizer.

The goods are positioned and accumulated in the infeed section by the set stacking pattern. A slide forms the full layer on a formation door. The layer is enclosed on four sides by a collar to ensure that the layer is deposited accurately on the pallet. After the layer has been formed on the pallet, the collar compresses it again, thus ensuring an excellent stacking result.

The VPM-BL can easily be upgraded from semi-automatic (where the pallets must be placed on the floor) to fully automatic, equipped with a pallet dispenser, sheet dispenser and wrapping machine.