VPM-7 – Solids Rotterdam



The VPM-7 is a excellent solution for packers who process larger quantities and require flexibility and accuracy. The standard application of the formation doors and the stacking bin fitted with two extra front doors enable four-sided enclosed palletising. With these applications small bags from 2.5 kg upwards can be stacked accurately and stably.

Each layer is formed on the formation doors, which withdraw after completion of the layer and deposit the layer on the pallet. Subsequently the pallet is raised and slightly pressed against the formation doors to form a flattened top layer. Depending on the stacking height required, a stock of empty pallets can be placed in the stacking bin.

Conveyor belts and / or a vertical lift automatically accumulate the bags and transport these up into the palletiser towards the manipulator equipped with centring flaps. These ensure an accurate positioning of the bags on the pallet. The machine can optionally be extended with an automatic adjustment for multiple pallet sizes and clamping flaps integrated in the manipulator.