VPM-5 – Solids Rotterdam



The VPM-5 is particularly suitable for small capacity packers who want to palletise bagged goods, and reduce labour costs while working in an ergonomic and tidy manner. This machine has proved particularly valuable to the agricultural seed potato growers. The entry model is available at a reasonable price.

The VPM-5 is compact and versatile. Thanks to its small size it can be easily and quickly installed at many company premises. Furthermore, the machine has standard a wide range of options. For example, the lift to transport the bags up into the palletiser is fully integrated and centring flaps are mounted in the gripper manipulator. These ensure that the bags are placed perfectly centred in the gripper manipulator, resulting in an accurate stack of the product.

The machine is standardly suitable for all pallet sizes up to maximum 1600 x 1200 mm (sea pallet) and is therefore widely usable. The pallets are positioned by means of a pallet stop on the floor. The machine can be optionally extended with automatic pallet feed by means of a pallet dispenser with pallet conveyor systems and a wrapping machine.