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Screw elevators


Screw elevators are reliable and trouble-free machines with a long life span. Specially developed to automatically and safely transport powders and granulates from a lower to a higher area, they are widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

Screw elevators are closed transport systems that allow you to add dosed powders, pellets and granules to, for example, filling lines, silos and mixing tanks. The machine consists of a hopper with an inclined screw conveyor. The product is poured into the hopper, after which the screw conveyor transports the material upwards.

The screw elevators we supply meet your requirements exactly. You specify what the delivery height of the screw elevator should be. And do you want to use the machine for multiple products or at multiple locations? If so, we can supply a mobile version. Our systems meet your requirements, not the other way around!






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