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Pegasus® Vacuum Core Coater


Pegasus® Vacuum Core Coater

The Pegasus® vacuum core coater was developed by Dinnissen over 25 years ago for putting oil, to provide extra energy, into the core of fish feed. That was not possible with the machines available at the time.

The double-axis Pegasus® paddle mixer forms the basis of this vacuum coater. So, it meets all specific conditions for adding liquids and powders in high or lower doses to grain, pellets, granular materials, crumb, meal/flours and other powders.

Using additional vacuum allows liquids and any aromas and flavours to penetrate into the core of the basic product. This use of vacuum permits addition of higher liquid-percentages to a basic product. After all, the vacuum causes the additives to be sucked into the basic product and they will not be released afterwards.

The Pegasus® vacuum coater is ideal for aqua feed and pet food production, pet food and applications in the food industry. Hygienic designs have also been developed for food and pet food applications, including CIP cleaning. This coater is also used in the food industry for special processes, such as adding flavourings.