KEMP Blow-in protection KBI-06 – Solids Rotterdam

KEMP Blow-in protection KBI-06


✔ 24/7 access control
✔ Prevent incorrect silo fillings
✔ Easy to integrate autonomously
✔ No loose padlocks
✔ Low maintenance
✔Low energy consumption

Robust lever for controlled operations
The lever, made of galvanized steel, is mounted tightly around the pipe. Because all other control elements are mounted directly on this, it creates a reliable structure.

Available in different sizes
The KBI-06 is currently available for 3” and 4” pipes. Does your situation require a different size? Ask us about the possibilities!

Security lock for optimum security
The actuator blocks the stroke of the lever by means of a pin-hole connection. The mechanical lock also protects the system in the event of a power failure.

Low energy consumption
The compact actuator is driven by compressed air and, together with the simplified electrical control, ensures low energy consumption.

Limit switch for reliable feedback
The limit switch provides direct feedback for the position of the lever. This makes it possible to keep track of exactly when and for how long the inlet pipe has been in use.

Weather-resistant system
With an IP65 rating, the system is safe and suitable for the (i



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