Kastfilters – Solids Rotterdam



The Eurofilter series box filters are mainly used for applications where dedusting with possibly several dedusting points must be done with a centrally located filter installation.
The characteristic of this filter line is:
– Modular assembly with filter surfaces from 10 m2 to 2600 m2.
– The filter surface can be configured both in height and in width of the box filter.
– If desired, a pre-separation chamber can be integrated in the filter installation, whereby a cyclone can be saved.
– Very low and efficient compressed air consumption due to the ingenious filter cleaning system used.
– The internal construction is suitable for food use if necessary.
– Version can be manufactured in stainless steel.
– All atex security equipment can be applied to the box filter.
– Filter envelopes and filter elements can be used in the cabinet filter.
– Extraction capacities from 1500 m3/h to more than 300,000 m3/h possible.