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INADCO Moisturemeter II

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Based on the principles of the Moisturemeter I, the Moisturemeter II is a new innovation initially developed to be used in the Biomass industry. The Moisturemeter II makes the technology available for a wide range of raw materials used and the more industrial uses of Biomass like power plants.

The new Moisturemeter II is one complete apparatus capable of doing all necessary measurements to be able to process low quality feedstock. It is build around a conveyor belt and even has an integrated belt scale. As a result the Moisturemeter II can measure Biomass while it is being fed into the boiler. This in combination with state-of-the-art laser sensor technology for Volume scanning it guarantees instant information such as:

• Mass flow
• Volume flow
• Flow of dry solids
• Flow of water
• Moisture percentage,
• Temperature of the product
• Total mass
• Bulk density
• Real time calorific value of the dry matter (in combination with the fuel value)
These parameters are available as actual values and as averages and totals within the batch.

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