Filtermedium – Solids Rotterdam



By choosing high-quality filter materials that can be provided with different surface treatments and coatings, our filter bags achieve long service lives with optimal filtration results. Filter materials in Anti-static version come with a certificate.

Our range of filter bags, filter hoses, star filters, multi-filter bags and many more types and types are manufactured using the latest computer-aided manufacturing technology, precisely fitting for all types of dedusting systems (compressed air, purge air, or mechanical cleaning systems).

Surface Treatments and Coatings:

– Oil and Water repellent
– Siliconized
– Nano coated
– Acid and hydrosol protection
– PTFE surface coating
– ePTFE membrane
– Anti-static
– Flame Retardant
– Hybrid filter media
– BIA tested

Multi filter bags are available in various designs.

Transtech Industrieservice B.V. supplies filter media for every filter installation and application.
If the filter specifications are unknown, we can be of service. If necessary, we will come to record the filter medium on site and then make a suitable offer, including installation if desired.

In the field of air treatment for cleanrooms or production areas, etc., we are also a strong supplier. We supply bag filters, compact filters, pre- and post-filters in all filter classes.