FILLstar bag filling system – Solids Rotterdam

FILLstar bag filling system


A versatile BAG FILLING machine from the STAR SERIES product line.
The Star Series Automatic Bagging machines are designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials using laminated or unlaminated poly-woven, polyethylene, and paper open-mouth bags.

The function of the machine is to select empty bags from a bag magazine, open the bags and automatically place them onto the filling spout for filling from an overhead scale or filling device.

Bags are presented under the spout by mechanical clamps, that consistently maintain the form of the flat bag (including the gusset) until the bag is transported through the closing station.

The unique design of the universal filling spout guarantees the maximum opening of the spout for a large bag size range, for maximum product throughput.

Designed in FDA approved High-Density Poly Ethylene, to offer excellent sliding properties along with high impact strength and good wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction.

The modular design of the machine allows the integration of various closing stations in the mainframe.

High level of flexibility
• Bag type: open mouth, gusseted and non-gusseted PE, PE-PET, polywoven, and paper
• Bag size: from 4 to 50kg
• Bag closure: sewing, sealing, pinch top

Reliable performance
• 16 bags per minute
• Total bag control by AC Servo controlled drives on all movements
• High-speed automatic change over related to recipes
• 20 minutes autonomy empty bag magazine

Intuitive operator interface
• Alarms and maintenance monitor displayed on the screen
• Remote online support capabilities

Machine design
• Compact footprint
• Heavy-duty industrial design
• Modular concept
• Easy access for cleaning


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