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NM Heilig BV designs, manufactures and installs customer-specific machinery for dry bulk material handling and waste processing systems. From concept to installation, and supply of single machines to turnkey treatment plants worldwide. Stationary or mobile solutions for your bulk terminal or recycling facility.

NM Heilig BV is your one-stop-shop for recycling and bulk material handling systems. Bulk material handling, production, and recycling systems: we design, develop, deliver, install, and maintain a wide variety of machinery, from single units to complete turnkey installations. With our expertise and experience, we have been supplying many industries in the field of recycling and handling of dry bulk goods. This experience leads us to aim for higher goals every year, to keep developing, and to help our clients meet their stringent demands.

NM Heilig is proud to offer installations with:
– over 98% continuous operation, so hardly any downtime for maintenance
– 90%-99% of recovery and purity rates in plastic recycling thanks to optical sorting (NIR)
– over 6000 ton/hour capacities (depending on bulk handling conveyance, materials, and density)
– exact conveying capacity measurements up to +/- 0,5%

We pursue these numbers for every unit and every installation we supply. Not for high-capacity and complex systems, but also standard applications demonstrating a strong and efficient solution.

Aside from the design and production, we offer our services in technical support, maintenance, and overhauling for both for NM Heilig units or full installations and other existing systems.

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