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Delft Solids Solutions is a contract research organization founded in 2002. We provide high-quality services aimed at solid matter analysis through research & development, courses & seminars and consultancy. Our core activities are powder, particle and porosity research suitable for a wide variety of powders, granules and related materials. A good description of particles at the micro level provides a better understanding of the behavior, control and application of the product at the macro level.

In addition to investigation of the more-fundamental properties such as particle size, particle shape, porosity, surface area and density, we are well equipped to investigate powder behavior: storage, caking, flow behavior, silo design, stickiness, mixing and separation, strength and breaking behavior of particles, dust behavior also in relation to regulations European Commission, influence of moisture and temperature on the above.

In this way a good correlation can be obtained between the physical properties of solids and their behavior during storage, transport, processing and an optimized application.

We also have Powder Processing equipment related to unit operations and suitable for smaller scales from a few 100 grams to a few kilograms. This equipment can be used for mixing, granulation, coating, drying, pneumatic transport, etc.

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