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Breetec is an important global player in the sector of Breather Valves, mechanical projects and the maintenance of complex technical installations. We are active worldwide, on the five continents. We work in stainless steel, aluminum and steel with an eye for a high finish quality.

Breetec is the first manufacturer of breathing valves for silos. The standard range of Breetec Valves consists of six elements that can be mounted for many possible overpressure and underpressure situations. The breather valves’ unique breach is that no solids can accumulate in the valve housing, such as powders and granules, which are blown up with the pneumatic filling of the silo. The solids always fall back into the silo and the Breetec valve remains clean.
They can come with three options: a bird net, grounding and proximity switch. In extreme weather conditions, the breathing valves can also optionally be insulated and heated.

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