Spindle for large rail valves – Solids Rotterdam

Spindle for large rail valves


Optimal safe (dis)assembly | The standard construction of our DG350 valve is extremely rugged: the bare shaft valve weighs 500 kg. Given the considerable weight of the rotor, we supply sizes larger than 300 with an extra spindle for optimal safe and smooth (dis)assembly.

TBMA DG Quick-Clean drop-through and blow-through rotary valves are specially designed for processes where frequent cleaning and inspection are required. The self-seeking spline shaft allows quick and easy remounting of the rotor after cleaning. Thanks to the clearance-free suspension and fixed adjustment, damage to the rotor tips and/or inside of the valve during (dis)assembly is limited to a minimum. In addition, the shaft seal cannot be damaged, since the spindle with spline remains in place when the rotor is pulled out.