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Smart solutions for loading chutes


Cardan joints
For chutes used for loading ships, Cimbria has developed a series of standard cardan joints. The chutes are often attached to a conveying boom that can move up and down to facilitate the varying sizes of ships or height differences due to the tidal action. The cardan joint between the boom and the chute provides a variable angle, so that the chute always remains in a vertical position, even in the parking position. An exactly vertical position ensures an optimal flow of the product during loading. In addition, the wear factor on the inlet and guiding cones of the chute is reduced to a minimum.

Radial trimmers
The latest addition to the Cimbria range is the radial trimmer. This rotating spout is available with different options depending on the application and end user requirements. The accessory is mounted on a precision slewing ring on the outlet of the loading chute and can be controlled remotely. The device, which is used continuously or intermittently, distributes the product evenly in the ship’s hold. This way the hold below deck is filled to the maximum with a minimum of machine movements. The radial trimmer is available in a stainless steel version and can be fitted with wear-resistant plates. The adjustable counterweight ensures a stable loading situation.

Water spraying systems
Dust emissions sometimes can be reduced by spraying the product with water during loading. The prerequisite, of course, is that this does not adversely affect the properties of the product. Coal, coke and iron ore, for example, can easily be sprayed. In that case, no extraction is required and the risk of a dust explosion is minimised.

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